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Legal services to support your business in Finland

Corporate governance and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, labor law, VAT and taxation – our experts are at your service in Finland.

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Have you thought about expanding your business in Finland through corporate mergers or acquisitions or wish to assess the possibilities of Finnish business environment? Are you puzzled by Finnish company and personal taxation? Or perhaps you need help with VAT and international situations with Finnish companies? Azets Legal Services is happy to help with your legal and taxational questions.

Working in an international company can prove to be challenging, as compliance requirements and local customs vary from each country. Legal risk management can prove to be complicated with several different service providers.

Azets in Finland can help you with legal questions

Azets in Finland can help you with legal questions by offering guidance, consultation and training in legal matters. At Azets, we are here for every step of the life cycle of your company. We strive to provide cost-effective and accurate service from our mixed team of lawyers and business experts so that you can be certain that all matters are handled according to laws and regulations. Ad hoc questions or continuous services – we have a complete range of services for all companies and branches. Additionally, we provide SaaS solutions to generate and archive high-quality legal documents fast and easy.

High quality

Our lawyers and business advisory consultants are experienced professionals. We provide accurate and comprehensive recommendations for overcoming your challenges so that all legal obligations are met.


Most of the questions we get are solved within an hour so we can offer cost-effective services to you. In bigger consultation projects we provide with a workload estimate so you can always control the invoices you get. No need to be scared of big unexpected fees!

Business benefits

We guarantee business-oriented approach so that all of our services help your business to succeed. By minimizing risks and assessing your possibilities, we can together determine the best means to develop your business.


We serve our clients comprehensively – you get all the accounting, payroll and legal consultation you need from one Azets. We know you and you know us so you do not have to waste time explaining your business and needs to third parties.

Consultation on company law, labor law and much more

Azets Legal Services in Finland can help you with the following questions:

Changes ahead in your business? 

Azets Legal Services can help you manage the future changes within your company and group. Our team can identify the options you have and provide analysis on the risks and costs. You get clear and concise solution alternatives to choose from. This service is with a fixed fee, so no need to worry about high expenses.
It is advised to use an expert as most business changes happen only once and specializing in everything is not possible. Manage your situation beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises and costly mistakes.
With our help the company and it's owners can easily choose the solution which best suits their needs. You get a named expert to help with your specific questions in legal and taxational matters. We will also support you every step of the way when making a decision. Learn more by contacting Azets Legal Services below.



‚ÄčLabor law, company law, tax laws, contract support, VAT - One email address, many services – Azets Legal Services.

If there is any way we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact legalservices.finland@azets.com. You can reach all our legal services from the same email address.

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