CFO services

CFO Services

We operate as a financial management aid for domestic and international companies in their everyday and changing situations.

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Financial management services - support for your company’s financial situation

You will receive comprehensive support for all financial situations. We help you with demanding and everyday financial questions as well as developing your business. Our legal experts are there to help you in contract, corporate restructuring, and tax situations.

CFO and Controller services

Do you need an expert in finance and business? We offer CFO and Controller services for different situations and needs in your organization. You will receive a named financial management expert who will serve you either with a fixed-term or indefinite contract.

Our CFO and Controller services help you:

  • Quickly and flexibly get a financial management expert if your key personnel leaves or goes on a longer vacation.
  • Save costs if your company is still too small to hire a full-time CFO or Controller.
  • Utilize the expertise of a CFO or Controller who leads the overall financial management and supports your management team.
  • Achieve your strategic goals, such as internationalization, with the help of a CFO.
  • Get a financial and business expert who serves you according to the scope and needs of your business.
  • Develop your company with new perspectives and opportunities.
  • Report and develop your company from a financial perspective.
  • Create efficient financial management processes that meet your changing needs.
  • Get comprehensive financial management services and experts from one place.




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Project-based financial management services 

Would you like to streamline your company’s basic financial processes, improve the quality and timeliness of financial information, acquire an ISO standard, expand operations internationally, or take advantage of automated and real-time reporting? Our experienced experts can help you with these challenges as well as other project-based needs. Check out examples of our financial management services.

Assessing current financial situation, optimizing operations and systems




Financial reporting, forecasting, and business support

Support for growth aspirations, mergers and financing

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is a service that helps your business to price intra-group transactions correctly and in a tax-compliant manner. Transfer pricing is important if your company does business between different countries or is part of the same group with other companies. Transfer pricing helps you ensure that your company pays the right amount of tax in each country where you operate and avoid tax disputes and penalties.

Our transfer pricing service includes the following elements: 

  • Transfer pricing planning and analysis
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Transfer pricing advice, legal services, and tax consultancy

Benefits of our transfer pricing service

  • Reduced workload: By using our transfer pricing service, you can focus on your core business and internationalization without the extra work or worry of transfer pricing.
  • Increased competitiveness: Correctly priced and taxed intra-group transactions can make your business more competitive, more efficient, and more profitable.
  • Reduced risks and costs: Our transfer pricing service can help you reduce the risks and costs associated with tax audits, tax appeals, penalties, and adjustments.

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