Reading invoicing instructions

Invoicing instructions

We have an electronic system for processing our purchase and expense invoices. As a result, we will preferably receive your invoice as an e-invoice.

When you send us an e-invoice, you will need our EDI ID, which is:


The broker ID of our operator Maventa is 003721291126. If you use the bank as an e-invoice broker, the broker ID should be DABAFIHH instead of the above. 

If your business does not have the ability to send us e-invoices, we will accept your invoice as a paper invoice. In this case, our billing address is:

Azets Insight Oy
Serial number: 02202271
PL 100
80020 Collector Scan



We kindly ask you

  • to include the serial number in the address field of each invoice, not just on the envelope
  • to use only black as the text color
  • to send for scanning only invoices and their attachments
  • not to use staples

Our order reference must appear on the invoice.


Other mail should be sent to the following address:

Azets Insight Oy
PL 1
00028 Azets