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Our client Basware - reference story

The recruitment collaboration between Basware and Azets developed as needs changed.

Basware had a need to cost-effectively recruit IT professionals as required by the business and provide ongoing support to recruiting managers to succeed in hiring the right talent. Basware wished to contract with a person who follows a systematic approach and makes it possible to fill recruitment needs as quickly as possible and to provide a consistent candidate experience for all applicants. Azets was able to provide a solution on a fast schedule and experts whose experience fit the requirements exactly.

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Basware and Azets co-operated in recruitment and personal assessments for more than a year, initially in Finnish recruitment and later in other Nordic countries and some other European countries. Two recruitment consultants from Azets shared responsibilities in accordance with Basware’s recruitment process. This included specifying the open positions, sourcing, advertising and recruitment marketing, conducting interviews and personal assessments, supporting recruiting managers, as well as candidate communication and process management, monitoring and reporting.

The service was implemented on an in-house basis with Basware tools and mainly on its premises. A systematic direct search was started so that the potential candidates/talent pools can be utilized even after the end of the co-operation. During the cooperation, recruitment practices, e.g. personal assessment processes, were developed in order to add value in the most effective way to support recruitment decisions and deliver the best possible assessment experience to applicants. The recruitment processes for IT professionals were also streamlined to enable high-quality recruitment decisions.

Contractually, the co-operation was continued several times as the need for services continued and evolved. Once the skills and working methods of Azets 'recruitment consultants had become familiar to Basware, it could also be agreed that one of Azets' consultants moved to work remotely from abroad. Once recruitment practices were established, it was easy for Basware to plan the roles and responsibilities for recruiters in their own payroll and find the right people for the jobs.

Benefits and added value

Basware's need was to have talent acquisition professionals to handle the direct search of IT professionals as well as diverse recruitments in the field of technology and administration for expert, manager and director positions.

Through the Azets partnership, Basware was able to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process, shorten lead times, improve predictability in recruitment costs, and improve the applicant experience during the recruitment process. The solution of two consultants splitting the work provided extra reliability and flexibility to resourcing of the talent acquisition work. The consultants received good feedback e.g. on the value added of personal assessments. With the improvement of direct search results, managers also very actively utilized the expertise of Azets recruiters.

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