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Quinyx Makes Workforce Optimisation Possible

by Azets Finland

Every leader is faced with the same challenge: how to simultaneously guarantee the profitability of the company’s business and employee satisfaction. How to improve efficiency without compromising well-being. Assumptions and decisions made in haste are not necessarily founded on real data that is based on business operations. You can balance these two with the data generated by the Quinyx app and find the optimal balance between profitability and well-being. It is crucial to first clarify the company’s values and main objectives.

Workforce optimisation

Workforce Management (WFM) is a much broader concept than shift planning. Before starting workforce optimisation, internal discussions should be conducted to determine what should be optimised and on what terms. Keeping labour costs to a minimum may affect employees’ coping and well-being as well as the service and service quality offered by the company. On the other hand, other costs may arise if, for example, the focus in customer service situations is on personal, thorough and professional service. The truth is often found in the company’s values, where it can be seen what is most important to the company. Efficiency or personal service?

Service plays a crucial role for a store that sells luxurious brands, while speed and efficiency are more important for, say, a grocery store. Accessibility and long opening hours or a fixed and high utilisation rate? Shift planning as well as the wishes and well-being of the company’s employees also affect decision-making and resourcing. Usually, the answer lies somewhere between the two and is the key to how data is being emphasised in terms of optimisation.

Business data guides decision-making

When all of the most important factors to be optimised have been defined, it is possible to start specifying the data that will guide the decision-making. The specified data reveals, for example, the need for human resources in different stores on a case-by-case basis. Important data supporting optimisation are, for example, receipt data, working hours, ordering systems and processed orders, which will provide a window to the past and enable the tool to make predictions about the future.

All companies possess relevant information, and searching for data for optimisation purposes also provides information on what kind of information is collected inside the company. Naturally, the best time to start collecting and exploring data is today.

Quinyx is a versatile platform for everything from personnel planning to payroll

Once you start optimising, you will want to optimise everything. Quinyx allows you to optimise payroll administration processes easily. For example, it is possible to set up to Quinyx the collective agreement used by the company and Working Hours Act Quinyx more commonly uses calculation, which means that there is no longer any need to separately send work schedules and worked hours. The company’s internal processes often become more consistent when working hours data are centralised in one place and payroll material is transferred to the payroll officer on an aggregate basis.

Quinyx is a platform for all personnel planning, shift planning, working hours entries and salary period data transmission to payroll. In this way, a challenging and complex payroll process is streamlined with just a few clicks. As a result, working hours are planned on the basis of optimised data and published for employees. The Quinyx interface retrieves material from the server to the platform.

Workforce optimisation is based on the company’s strategy and values

As the app centrally combines personnel satisfaction with business, Quinyx is an efficient and user-friendly tool designed to improve personnel planning through data. However, the main question remains: What is the most important thing you want to optimise? You should devote time to answering this question. Otherwise, the data entered in Quinyx will not necessarily guide you towards optimising the right things. Our optimisation experts are happy to help you with data focusing and specification!

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