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What after COVID-19?

On spring 2020 Finland and rest of the world fell in to COVID-19 crisis. Hundreds of thousands employees were laid off. One remarkable point was that most of them probably were made using shorter negotiation and notice periods accepted by the Finnish government´s. These layoffs are valid up to 90 calendar days in other words about 3 months. Therefore companies and their employees face a new situation in June or July – What next?

Do you have plans for doing business in Finland?

Tips for International companies entering the Finnish market.

CogitalGroup with significant growth

Azets is part of CogitalGroup, the international business services group. CogitalGroup has just launched the Annual Review "Blue 2018", providing an update on progress since it’s launch 2 years ago.

Leadership and Business Development Services

The organisations that are able to learn and renew themselves faster, are the ones that succeed.
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