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Our client Lazy Fox - reference story

Lazy Fox restaurant relies on Azets’s accounting and payroll services

Lazy Fox is a fast growing combination of a breakfast restaurant, a bakery and a bar located in Helsinki with 70 seats in total. They serve delicious food that is baked and created in-house.

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Jan Van den Broeke, CEO, knew from the beginning that they needed high quality accounting and payroll services to support their company. He decided to turn to Azets for help after some research. He has been very pleased with the decision:

Things have been running smoothly. When Azets takes care of accounting, I don’t have to worry about it. I can concentrate on the business. Also, the right price range is right for the size of business we are.” He continues: ”We knew from the beginning that we wanted accounting services to be digital. And especially, we wanted to have an e-invoicing system. Digital accounting is also not dependent on location, which is important for us since Azets is then always able to offer us service in English even from their offices outside Helsinki.” 

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Lazy Fox is prospering and Van den Broeke highlights Azets ability to help a growing business: “We are doing really, even better than we expected. Thus it is important for us that we can get personal service and advice when questions related to growth arise. Service has been excellent to sum it up.

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