BTG Instruments AB streamlined travel expense processing in Finland with the Azets Expense application

When BTG Instruments AB, a part of the multinational provider of pulp and paper industry process solutions, BTG Group, was looking for a travel expense solution for their unit in Finland, they turned to Azets. The Azets Expense application was already in use at their organization in Sweden, and its performance had been impressive. The emphasis of the choice was indeed on a positive user experience.

Smooth Travel Expense Approval Process

BTG Instruments AB is satisfied with the solution. The travel expense approval for BTG Instruments AB's Finnish staff also takes place in other countries, so a seamless approval process was an important criterion. The approval chain function enables a 2-step verification to be assigned to the invoices effortlessly. For instance, the initial review is conducted in Finland.

Travel expense processing has become easier, and workload has decreased

From the administrators' perspective, Azets Expense has been a well-received solution. Soila Vuorenmaa of BTG Instruments AB says, "Reviewing travel expenses is easy and fast, and making small corrections is effortless, such as fixing VAT errors and incorrect account category assignments.”

The traveler uploads the receipts or photos of the receipts to Azets Expense themselves, and the app analyses the receipt. The traveler only needs to verify that the details are correct. Vuorenmaa says, "When administrators no longer need to go through receipts and make entries as they did before, a significant amount of working time is saved."

Azets Expense has integrations with the income register, payments, and accounting. Thanks to these integrations, making payments is convenient, and handling tax account notifications for daily allowances has been removed from BTG Instruments AB's administrator’s tasks.


Reviewing travel expenses is easy and fast, and making small corrections is effortless, such as fixing VAT errors and incorrect account category assignments.

Soila Vuorenmaa, BTG Instruments AB

Users have also been satisfied with the Azets Expense application, which allows them to create travel expense reports and approvals completely mobile, anywhere and anytime:

  • "The best single IT-related improvement I've seen. Fast and convenient."
  • "The program has made creating travel expense reports easier and faster. It neatly compiles the images sent to it into a clear report."
  • "Sending attachments is convenient, and the program mostly analyses them correctly. Calculating mileage reimbursement is easy – just provide the starting and ending address of the trip."
  • "Azets Expense has brought a clear improvement to our travel expense processing. Now things are handled very conveniently, quickly, and instantly."
  • "The application is easy to use, works as it should, and its iPhone app is particularly good. Additionally, processing travel expenses is fast, and receipts are uploaded quickly."

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