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Recruiting and employer branding services in Finland

Depending on your choice, we take care of recruitments as either a commission, executive search or outsourced ongoing service.

The best players for your business in Finland

We do a variety of challenging recruitments from different industries and position levels ranging from specialist to executive. With our help you’ll get certainty to making the right decision and cost efficiency to your recruitment process by saving time for your decision making and other core functions. Our service covers many kinds of recruitment tools and the collaboration is always done with your way of choice.

Recruitment as a commission

We take care of the whole search process

We take care of the recruitment as a whole, from drafting the job ad all the way to assessments and consulting in decision-making, in case you want to do a recruitment with us as a commission. During the process, we define the job description and go through the assessment results together, as well as our professional support for your interviews and for deciding the person to choose.

Executive search -Headhunter at your service

We find the key talents through executive search

The finding of key players for your company is good to leave into the hands of executive search and HRM professionals. Whether your company’s focus is to grow, reform or innovate, we understand your needs and organizational culture, and find right person to build your success. After the person has started, we can support his or hers development and growth with our coaching service. Moreover, we can offer tailored coaching for the team or executive level teamwork development.

Recruitment as an ongoing service

Get the best benefits with ongoing service

You get the best benefits when acquiring recruitment services from us - not only you will get a flexible and cost efficient solution, but you’ll also get the best practices, latest knowledge and solutions as well as the backup of Azets’ HR-professionals. We take care of your business development supporting recruitments with our versatile expertise.  


Regardless of the chosen cooperation way, we promise you:

  • experienced and capable recruiting consultants
  • thorough understanding of the open position, your business environment and organizational culture
  • prompt execution by using modern recruiting tools
  • quality assessments
  • active communication with recruiting managers and HR
  • good candidate experience and procedures that improve your employer brand

Different ways to execute a recruitment

  • Our service can be done as a job ad search, network sourcing or combination of these two.
  • If needed, we can take care only the network sourcing and you complete the recruiting by yourself.
  • We tailor the service always according to your needs, for example by choosing the right communication channels that have the best coverage or by choosing combination search as a recruiting way.
  • Support for your decision-making you get through quality assessments done by our certified assessors. 

Modern tools to boost the recruitment process

In order to stand out positively, we plan modern ways to draft and attractive job ad, to market the position, to utilise social media channels, and to interview and assess applicants.

We use a modern recruiting system to support the recruitment by which up-to-date candidate communication is easy and the recruitment process efficient. Moreover, we utilise video interviews and other new tools. We master the social media channels to support employer branding communication.

We pursue to understand the target group together with you and that is why we compose ideas on a case-by-case basis of best ways to reach the target group, yet not forgetting the everyday life and reality of your organisation.

Better applicant profile through network sourcing

Advertised search only reaches actively job seeking talents, therefore typically 70% or even more of the target audience will be left in the shade. Through our network sourcing service, we find candidates for positions that advertised search cannot get enough good applicants.

On the other hand there can be a problem when the advertised search generates hundreds of applications, which take time to process and finding a good match might be uncertain. With network sourcing, the recruiting can be targeted to a specified, potential group from which the right talent is found effectively.

Throughout the year we are in contact with talents from various industries to a different positions so therefore we can utilise our vast networks in order to find just right talents. In network sourcing we use for example our broad applicant pools, our employees’ networks and social media tools, such as LinkedIn.


Professional assessment minimizes the risk of mistake choices. We support you in recruiting decision making.
Read more!

Employer brand development

Competition for talents is tough. Developing your employer brand is one of the most important tasks. Read more! 


Recruitment development

Develop your recruitment to meet the modern demands of today’s employees. Read more!


Professional assessment minimizes the risk of mistake choices. We support you in recruiting decision making.

Assessments are useful both for the recruiter and for the applicant

We ensure a positive candidate experience also in the assessment phase by following a good assessment manner. The person assessed will always get a personal feedback. Breaking down the feedback with the candidate is usually a clarifying experience for his or her own way of working. From the assessment results and conversation had with the candidate, we can deliver a conclusion to support the hiring decision for the recruiting manager. We execute the assessments always promptly with modern assessment methods.

Clarity to organizational changes

In organizational change situations assessment will support in recognizing personnel’s capability and development potential, and help managers to lead their different employees in the right way. We execute development analysis projects for multiple persons with together agreed schedule or individual assessments.

Employer brand development

Developing your employer brand is one of the most important tasks as an employer because competition for talents is tough. Since, the impression the organisation leaves as an employer, has even greater impact on attracting future talents than before.

A clear employer brand to support recruiting

As part of recruiting development, we can help in your employer brand’s development, improvement and making it more visible. Attractive and targeted groups reaching employer branding, which is based on defined and realistic employer promise, will increase your visibility and interest as an employer, as well as increase the number of potential applicants, and improve the quality and cost efficiency of your recruitments.

Our employer branding services can for example be done as an employer brand development planning and starting the actions together as a project and/or employer brand development tactics as an ongoing service. Our service can always be tailored according to your needs and situation.

Recruitment development

Changing demands in recruiting, changes in legislation, labor market and corporate strategies, as well as development of recruiting procedures and systems, require your company to develop your recruitment to meet the modern demands of today’s employees. We can help you either by consulting, sparring or coaching.
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Basware and Azets co-operated in recruitment and personal assessments for more than a year, initially in Finnish recruitment and later in other Nordic countries and some other European countries.

Employer brand development

Employees rule the market in many industries and soon even in more. Compelling and stronger employer brand compared to competitors attracts better applicants. In recruiting, applicants get a concrete sense of the company, also when a recruiting partner is involved, so therefore a good candidate experience is a key element of a strong employer brand.

Recruitment processes and operating models on point

Good candidate experience is a key indicator in modern recruiting. On the other hand, acting fast is in many cases necessary in order to obtain employees. To fulfill these, your company needs to have clear model to plan, start and carry out recruitments.

We can help in designing and implementing recruiting operating models. We also ensure recruitment process’ compatibility with your company’s other HR-processes. We coach managers and HR recruiters about the importance of good candidate experience, on how to utilise social media as a sourcing channel, how to develop interviewing preparedness and how to see recruiting process as a sales work. We always tailor the content of the coaching according to your needs. We can also improve your recruitment process by helping you to choose the most suitable recruiting software available in the market.

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